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~ Friday, July 25, 2003

For the past couple of days, I've been keeping note of the music which has been in my head:

1 Rumble (Link Wray)
2 Yellow (Coldplay)
3 Antiques Roadshow theme tune
4 Kashmir (Led Zep)
5 Empire State Human (Human League)
6 Only I (Mull Historical Society)
7 Innocent (Addis Black Widow)
8 Don't Let Nature Kill You (one of my own songs)
9 The Last Good Day of the Year (Cousteau)
10 Any Major Dude / Dirty Work (both Steely Dan)
11 Sunday (Nick Drake)
12 Things (Bobby Darin)
13 Guts (John Cale)
14 I Drove All Night (Roy Orbison)
15 The Lone Ranger (Quantum Jump)
16 Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder)
17 Tiny Children (Teardrop Explodes)
18 Belfast (Orbital)

What can it all mean?

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