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~ Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Easter Parade

Monday: herringbone cashmere blend ankle-length coat, charcoal cotton / elastane bodyshaper, sloe-blue bias cut camisole, loose-fit fleshtone funnel-neck sweater, sapphire silk-mix flat-front trousers, beaded fabric bar shoes in solferino red, fake zorino fur neckfiller and fingerless gloves.

Tuesday: alabaster scrunchie, INXS World Tour Official T-shirt, navy three-stripe woven sweat-pants, white Lycra bra top and bike shorts, peacock scoop socks, pearl and lilac padded collar two-lace trail trainers.

Wednesday: inside-zip platform high-leg boots in biscuit, mini-kilt with stag-skin sporran, heather mixture stretch V-neck jersey top, pomegranate plunge bra and tanga set with Swiss embroidery and boning effect, Missoni, printed microfibre clover casual jacket, wood-soot wool trilby.

Thursday: mulberry cropped mohair cardigan, shrimp stretch jacquard bustier with square neckline and invisible zip, cinnabar thong, pistachio crèpe palazzo trousers with stretch velour trimmed waistband, burgundy ballerina shoes.

Friday: tar-black crushed fake-fur coat, dramatic longline cowl-neck fuchsia angora dress, siren-red satin balconette and briefs, kid-suede leopard print mules, dayglo pink pop-socks, Eternity, tangerine Alice band.

Saturday: logwood brown calf leather loafers with touch fastening straps, sheer midnight black pantyhose, fitted hobble bistre polyester pencil skirt with side-slits, hide-leather belt with Popeye motif buckle, walnut needle cord western style jerkin top, seamfree chocolate criss-cross bra and hi-cut lemon polka-dot tap pants.

Sunday: bunny rabbit motif winceyette pyjamas, The Crown of Thorns.

This was from my third book Roddy Lumsden is Dead

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