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~ Thursday, July 03, 2003

21 situations where I am apparently in the minority among my fellow Britons:

1 I've never spent a night in hospital
2 I can say the alphabet backwards without mistakes
3 I've never painted a room
4 I've never broken up a fight
5 I prefer bitter to lager
6 I've never tried to kick a pigeon
7 I make our bed every day
8 I'd prefer a sausage sandwich to a bacon one
9 I do pluck my eyebrows
10 I've never ridden a horse
11 I'd rather read the book than watch the film
12 I have smoked a cigar
13 I do not own a DVD player
14 I prefer coffee to tea
15 I have attended a donkey derby
16 I prefer Pepsi to Coke
17 I can wiggle my ears
18 I can use chopsticks comfortably
19 I have never haggled
20 I have broken a bone*
21 I don't have a credit card
22 I prefer Chinese to Indian food

*Don't send cards, it was only a toe. Fourteen years ago.

Sinisterly, it appears that whereas most British men have seen a combine harvester, few women have seen one!

Source: from answers given here - warning, oddly addictive and has a few pop-ups for shoddy, doomed dotcom shopping sites

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