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~ Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Waltons' pets:

Reckless - The Waltons' dog
Myrtle - The Waltons' goat
Daisy - Mary Ellen's newborn lamb
Chance - name of two milk cows
Bullet - calf of first Chance
Dynamite - calf of second Chance
Pete - Elizabeth's sick raccoon
Jim Bob Junior - Jim Bob's duckling
Blue - a mule given to John Boy by Granny Ketchum
Lancelot - Erin's fawn which she released into the woods
Cindy - Elizabeth's rabbit
Gingerbread - Myrtle's baby goat
Calico - Elizabeth's cat
Chirpee - Grandma's canary
Rover - Jim Bob's peacock
Ruby - the peahen
Harold - Jeffrey's cat which turns out to be female
Apollo and Aphrodite - Harold's kittens
Betsy - the Waltons' hen
Nick - Jeffrey's dog, named after Saint Nicholas
Porthos - Jim Bob's guinea pig
Isabella - a pet turkey for which Jim Bob swaps an inner tube

Source: various Waltons' fansites (some of which claim to promote traditional values, which evidently don't include grammar and spelling)


Here are the answers to the Vitamin IQ test:

1 a mountain in S America
2 the evil doctor in Sonic the Hedgehog games
3 a guitar effects pedal
4 one who dislikes China or the Chinese
5 a city in Alabama, USA
6 a red colour
7 surgical removal of a testicle
8 a football sweeper, or any sports player who can play in various positions
9 a Brazilian soccer legend
10 rubbing for sexual pleasure
11 a large rodent
12 founder of the Sikh religion
13 slang, standing for 'situation normal, all f*d up'
14 a Broadway and film musical
15 to intricately carve wood or bone
16 the pursuit of cave exploration
17 a dice game
18 a combination skirt / trouser garment
19 a simple musical instrument
20 a famous American naturalist and artist
21 a type of cigar
22 an area of NYC
23 one of Noah's sons
24 an old name for the letter Z
25 a wild flower
26 a character from 'Macbeth'
27 a soul record label
28 clay soil
29 a book of the Old Testament
30 the Indian word for India
31 a book by French writer Rabelais
32 the 'Oscars' for bad films
33 an Israeli actor / singer
34 a spicy sausage
35 a Norse God
36 a chemical element
37 a heavy rock group
38 a type of cake
39 the carcase of a large sea creature
40 a small bird
41 a typeface
42 a mucous-like bodily fluid
43 a Cubist painter
44 a type of cheese
45 a city in Hungary
46 a fictitious animal, a large rabbit with horns
47 a back complaint
48 a type of candy
49 a port in W Australia
50 the area in front of a music stage where wild dancing happens

Sports and Games Answers (missing letters in CAPS)

1 ruGby
2 curLing
3 Shooting
4 Bowls
5 hoCkey
6 poLo
7 quOits
8 tripLe jump
9 boXing
10 Darts
11 Squash

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