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~ Wednesday, July 23, 2003

12 tongue twisters spoiled:

1 Scarlet truck, golden truck, scarlet truck, golden truck
2 Latex fenders for infant carriages
3 She is a vendor of bivalve casings on the beach
4 The sixth Arab potentate's similarly numbered ovine mammal is unwell
5 The Edinburgh port constabulary tell us we can leave
6 The untidily dressed rogue sprinted around the jagged boulder again and again
7 A loud sound irritates a pearl-bearing shellfish
8 It's not usually me who defeathers game birds, it's my father. I'm only doing this until he arrives.
9 In the counties of Hertfordshire and Hampshire, and also in the city of Hereford, a whirlwind is a rare occurrence
10 Elizabeth purchased a quantity of butter, though it turned out to be sour
11 Mr P Piper harvested two gallons of gherkins
12 What quantity of timber might a marmot throw into the air if such a thing were possible?

Source: by RcL

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