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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, July 03, 2003

Welcome to Vitamin Q, good new people sent by the naughty but nice popbitch (thanks!). Here are a few 'best of' bits to get you going:

10 fairly random Vitamin Q highlights:

1 What does my name mean in old Scots?
2 Nothing rhymes with orange, eh? Just watch me go...
3 The worst thing metal dudes have ever tasted:
4 A load of gay similes:
5 Weird 'strawberries in the arts' list:
6 The best My Little Pony names:
7 Forty two really odd plant names (my personal favourite):
8 Bands which made it despite a member named Colin:
9 Songs children shouldn't have been allowed to sing:
10 Sweets that you used to get in jars when you were a kid:
(check out the kids' games and bad smells triv below this if you're still feeling nostalgic)

...and lots more 'stuff, but in a good way'. Bookmark and return when you're bored.

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