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~ Wednesday, July 30, 2003

10 more unusual search engine requests which ended up here at VitQ:

1 ring of salmon on jupiter in palmistry
2 soya sauce trivia*
3 fat girls stomachs
4 caveman onomatopoeia
5 hokum or piffle or flim-flam**
6 Gary Barlow underpants***
7 midget cheese moulds
8 roddy lumsden poems - misanthropic****
9 Guatemalan bordello
10 searching for international email address of Mariah Carey and the group that sang always be my baby from america

* also searched for were 'gooseberry trivia', 'yoghurt trivia' and 'custard trivia'!
** certainly sir, how much of that would you like today?
*** it seems the 'boss-eyed polar bear' singer still has his devotees
**** ah, that would be 'The Misanthrope's Afternoon Walk', which is available in my third book, or (poorer version) in 'Dream State - the New Scottish Poets' (Polygon)

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