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~ Thursday, August 07, 2003
MORE SORE THUMBS Part 1 - the 60s

I'm compiling a list of 'unusual words in the lyrics of Number 1 hit songs'. You can find the first part here, with new clues, and the 1960s part below, with the song-title answers for both at the end of the August 02 archive. These are tough, so I've added clues in brackets. So which 60s No 1s include the words...

1 socks (CLUE: holy socks?)
2 merry-go-round* (no socks!)
3 lulu (beach babe)
4 playmate* (on a horse)
5 Clyde (Middle Eastern reggae)
6 snitch (Mersey bribing)
7 seasick (with all those virgins)
8 paraffin* (death of a Scouse chemist)
9 farmyard (cock rock?)
10 embassy (Euro chic)
11 acorns (talking bagism)
12 tavern (getting nostalgic)

Well done if you get five or more. The * ones may not be so familiar outside the UK. Look out for 70s, 80s and 90s soon.

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