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~ Saturday, August 16, 2003
SORE THUMBS part 3 - The 70s

Once again, which Number One hit songs contain these unusual words? I've added some clues... 80s and 90s will follow anon. All answers at the end of the August 02 archive.

1 Borneo* (musical masochism)
2 Ancoats* (at easel)
3 bugle (distant drums)
4 daffodils* (and the soppy rest of it)
5 khaki* (show out Kingston style)
6 smog (yellow bird)
7 mules (croaky hard-man)
8 Chaplin* (senior citizen)
9 corkscrew (ie elfin ringlets)
10 Pagliacci (weepy)
11 Telex*# (start the week)
12 slugs*# (jailhouse rock)

*Sorry, quite a few of these may not have been worldwide hits.
#Oddly, both these songs also contain the unusual word 'bullhorn' (US slang for a loudhailer)!

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