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~ Tuesday, September 09, 2003

People and creatures on US state flags:

California - bear
Delaware - ox, farmer, soldier
Florida - Seminole Indian woman
Idaho - horse, stag, goddess, miner
Illinois - bald eagle
Iowa - bald eagle
Kansas - horse, farmer, bison, hunters, sheep
Kentucky - pioneer, politician
Louisiana - pelican family
Maine - farmer, sailor, moose
Massachusetts - Massachuset, an Indian
Michigan - stags, eagle
Missouri - three bears
Nebraska - blacksmith
New Jersey - two goddesses, horse
New York - two goddesses, eagle
North Dakota - bald eagle
Pennsylvania - horses, eagle
South Dakota - horses cattle
Utah - bees
Vermont - stag, cow
Virginia - female warrior, vanquished tyrant
Washington - George Washington
Wisconsin - badger, sailor, miner
Wyoming - buffalo

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