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~ Tuesday, September 02, 2003

18 recent songs the Thai Cultural Ministry wants to ban for promoting adultery and promiscuity:

1 I Fear No Sins (Bo Yan Bab) by Yinglee Sreechumpol
2 I Fear Sin (Ai Yan Bab) by Phaithoon Nhunchoke
3 Big Flabby Buttocks (Tai Aon Yaon) by Phaithoon Nhunchoke
4 Secret Lover (Choo Tang Jai) by Dhanin Indarathep
5 Wrong Way To Love (Pid Tang Rak) by Suthep Wongkamhaeng
6 Leftovers (Suan Kern) by Dowjai Paijit
7 One Woman, Two Men (Nueng Ying, Song Chai) by Dowjai Paijit
8 I Love Her Husband (Chan Rak Pua Khao) by Sinjai Plengpanich
9 My Wife Had An Affair (Mia Pee Mee Choo) by Chai Muangsing
10 Tears Of A Lieutenant's Wife (Num Ta Mia Nai Roi) by Jintara Poonlab
11 Lover (Choo Rak) by Why Not Seven
12 A Mistress' Ultimatum (Kham Khad Mia Noi) by Kanista Thaidachai
13 A Step-Husband (Pua Boontham) by Samphan Seripab
14 Lover (Choo) by Lhong Longlai
15 Love In Mind (Rak Nai Jai) by Winai Panthurak
16 The Door Crushes The Hand (Pratu Neeb Mue) by Paijit Aksornnarong
17 I Know That, But I Still Love You (Tang Roo Koh Rak) by Charas Phuang-arom
18 Is It Sinful For Us To Love? (Bab Nak Rue Ta Rao Ja Rak Kan) by Suthep Wongkamhaeng

Source: The Nation

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