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~ Friday, September 05, 2003

Our monthlyish look at unusual search engine requests which have led to VitQ:

1 feature belching
2 list of cute nicknames*
3 nicodemus cobra garden**
4 James Kelman goth***
5 guinness + raw egg + Trinidad
6 queem hot space****
7 squelch
8 ciggy, jiggy the onion rings*****
9 ovaltine in Sweden******
10 bovver boy poem*******

* 'Wicked Cat', 'Clingy Monkey', 'Puddock' 'Pippin'
** whatever this is, I bet it's on 4AD records
*** don't have effing nightmares, by the way
**** would this be the Queem which had hits with 'Immuendo' and 'Dom't Stop Me Mow'?
***** I haven't a clue - maybe it's a Euro novelty band Ciggy & Jiggy & the Onion Rings play the ballads of Def Leppard on kazoos and rubber bands?
****** no sleep till Stockholm
******* Maybe 'The bovver boy stood on the burning decking...'

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