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~ Saturday, October 11, 2003

Some unusual town and city nicknames from the US:

1 Horseradish Capital of the World (Tulelake CA)
2 City of Fries (Salem OH)
3 The Shake Rag (Mineral Point WI)
4 Confection of the Fairies (Cashmere WA)
5 The City By Accident (Yoakum TX)
6 Hey City (Port Townsend WA)
7 Queen City of the Gas Belt (Marion IN)
8 Arrowhead Egg Basket (Barnum MN)
9 The Midget City (Colby WI)
10 The Cradle of Square Riggers (Mystic CT)
11 The Lonesomest Town in the World (Jordan MT)
12 Home of the Contented Cows (Carnation WA)
13 The City Care Forgot (New Orleans LA)
14 Frog Market of the Nation (Rayne LA)
15 Celery City (Sanford FL)
16 Shampoo Banana (Champaign-Urbana IL)
17 The Hairy City (Elkland PA)
18 Barbed Wire Capital of the World (La Crosse KA)
19 The Slaughter House (Auburn WA)
20 The Rollicking Hilarious Tent and Shack City (Lawton OK)
21 The Town Too Tough to Die (Tombstone AZ)
22 Hogopolis (Chicago IL)
23 The Town Without a Toothache (Hereford TX)

Source: various (some explanations to follow...)

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