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~ Sunday, October 26, 2003

US Secret Service presidential code names:

JFK - Lancer (Jackie was Lace)
LBJ - Volunteer (Lady Bird was Victoria)
Richard Nixon - Searchlight
Gerald Ford - Pass Key (Betty was Pinafore)
Jimmy Carter - Lock Master / Deacon (Rosalynn was Dancer)
Ronald Reagan - Rawhide (Nancy was Rainbow)
George Bush - Timberwolf (Barbara was Snowbank or Tranquility)
Bill Clinton - Eagle (Hillary was Evergreen and Chelsea Energy)
George W Bush - Tumbler / Trailblazer

Other code names have included:

Queen Elizabeth II - Kittyhawk
Prince Charles - Unicorn / Daily
Frank Sinatra - Napoleon
Henry Kissinger - Woodcutter
Pope John Paul II - Halo

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