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~ Saturday, October 18, 2003

Some fictional UK / Irish villages from literature, films, TV:

1 Tannochbrae (TV's Dr Finlay's Casebook)
2 Highbury (Emma)
3 Manteg (Caradoc Evans' My People stories)
4 Glendarroch (soap Take the High Road)
5 Ballykissangel (the light drama series)
6 Ulverton (Adam Thorpe's novel)
7 Walmington-on-Sea (Dad's Army)
8 King's Oak (soap Crossroads)
9 Darrowby (All Creatures Great and Small books and TV series)
10 Ballybeg (the plays of Brian Friel)
11 Royston Vasey (TV comedy The League of Gentlemen)
12 Tickle-on-the-Tum (toddlers' TV series)
13 Dibley (sitcom The Vicar of Dibley)
14 Llareggub (Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood)
15 Grimpen (The Hound of the Baskervilles)
16 Ambridge (radio soap The Archers)
17 Greendale (home of Postman Pat)
18 Midsomer Worthy (TV's Midsomer Murders)
19 Some Tame Gazelle (oddly named village in Barbara Pym saga)
20 Furness (film Local Hero)
21 St Mary Mead (Miss Marple mysteries)
22 Puckoon (Spike Milligan's comic novel)
23 Cardale (TV doctors show Peak Practice)
24 Lochdubh (TV series Hamish Macbeth)
25 East Proctor (An American Werewolf in London)
26 Pontypandy (Fireman Sam)
27 Beckindale (soap Emmerdale)
28 Cong (The Quiet Man)
29 Kirrary (Ryan's Daughter)
30 Barbie (The House with the Green Shutters)
31 Raveloe (Silas Marner)
32 Lambton (Pride and Prejudice)
33 Chigley / Trumpton / Camberwick Green (related kids' TV shows)
34 Sweet Auburn (Goldsmith's The Haunted Village)
35 Abbot's Cernel (novels by Thomas Hardy)
36 Styles St Mary (Agatha Christie's Poirot books)
37 Kinraddie (Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song)
38 Cwmderi (Welsh soap Pobol y Cwm)
39 Aidensfield (TV's Heartbeat)
40 Ottery St Catchpole / Little Whinging (Harry Potter books)

And a few from overseas:

1 Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables)
2 Amity (Jaws)
3 Lansquenet (Chocolat)
4 Schabbach (Heimat)
5 Macondo (100 Years of Solitude)
6 Whoville (Dr Seuss)
7 Cicely (Northern Exposure)
8 Anatevka (Fiddler on the Roof)
9 Cabot Cove (Murder She Wrote)
10 Ramelle (Saving Private Ryan)
11 Lake Wobegon (tales by Garrison Keillor)
12 Dorfli (Heidi)
13 Spoon River (E L Masters' pithy poems)

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