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~ Wednesday, October 08, 2003

10 descriptions of famous faces:

1 Gene Hackman* (face like a mug with handles)
2 Miranda Richardson (face like an English sky)
3 Charles Bronson*# (face like a rock quarry that somebody has dynamited)
4 W H Auden* (face like a wedding cake left out in the rain)
5 Abraham Lincoln (face like a title page of anxiety and distress)
6 Sylvia Plath* (face like a dry, chalky mask)
7 Colin Montgomerie (face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle**)
8 Meryl Streep (face like a medieval Madonna and that sexy blonde at the next table)
9 Richard Harris* (face like five miles of bad country road)
10 J B Priestley (face like a glowering pudding)

** this has been used for several men, mostly sports stars
#was also described as having 'a face like a crushed beercan' and as having 'the death mask of Genghis Khan'

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