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~ Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Our monthly comments on unusual search engine requests which have ended up here:

1 dodgeball teenage bloomers
2 gutter muffin
3 little miss boa
4 scottish pig guts
5 ovine party sauce*
6 Lance Percival beetroot song**
7 watermelon and puppies and elephants and nougat
8 mad wet hornet
9 what is Vitamin Q***
10 origin phrase shotgun shack****
11 finlay quade + songs*****
12 trivia bible questions for teen sleepover******

*I can't even begin to guess what that might be...
**can't believe I missed this out of my 'definitive' list of songs about pickle (see archive).
***if you don't know me by now...
****okay - it's said that a shotgun shack is a house so small that the one main room contains both front and back door, so you could fire a shot straight through it. The phrase may also be influenced by the idea of coercion involved in 'shotgun wedding', ie it's somwhere you have to live, ain't got no choice, boy.
*****that would be Finlay Quaye, Scottish reggae star who dedicated his first LP to, wait for it, Hibernian FC and Rolf Harris!
******I'm the eighth biggest resource for this sort of material, according to yahoo. Laugh or cry, which is it to be?

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