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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Friday, November 28, 2003

7 things that have stopped a bullet:

A book that wasn't the Bible: during an assault on Montauban during the First World War, a British sergeant reported that "two bullets had gone through my metal shaving mirror, through my pocket book case, and had nosed their way into a book I was carrying."

Breast implants: in 2002, a Brazilian woman, caught in crossfire during a police drugs operation, was shot in the chest, but was saved when the bullet was slowed down by the silicone implant in her breast.

A phone: Naoaki Miyazaki and two colleagues were taking the takings from a supermarket in Nagoya to a safe when they were robbed by an elderly Korean man who fired shots when they gave chase. Naoaki was saved when the bullet went through a pad in his pocket and was stopped by his mobile phone.

Policeman's badge: a motorcycle cop in Santiago, Chile was shot in the chest while chasing jewel thieves. Thankfully, the bullet hit his metal badge, and though the force knocked him over, he suffered only bruising.

Body fat: also in Santiago, a 33 year old bus driver was shot while attempting to stop a man who was robbing some passengers. The driver managed to climb on top of the robber and subdue him, but not before he had been shot. However, the driver was so overweight that the bullet lodged in his body fat and did little lasting damage.

A diary: Solon Blaisdell was shot during a battle in the American Civil War. A diary in his coat pocket saved him. Thereafter, he still used the diary, carefully writing round the hole left by the bullet.

A bra: a woman in Michigan City, Indiana went to hospital after some shots were fired into her home from a car. It transpired that her bra had saved her from more serious injury after it stopped a bullet fragment piercing her side.

Source: various. Thanks to Paul May for the list idea and links.

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