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~ Sunday, November 16, 2003

13 unusual mammals you probably haven’t heard of:

aplodontia - small rodent of NW USA; looks like someone has put batteries in a toy beaver
baiji - long-beaked, nearly blind dolphin found near China
binturong - shaggy, sloth-like tree-cat of Borneo with orange eyes
colocolo - beady-eyed Chilean tree mouse which lives on bamboo
gelada - Ethiopian baboon which looks like it has been let loose in a lipstick factory, then blow-dried
pacarana - rare, sleepy beast of the Colombian jungle which stares at its food before eating it
quoll - vicious cat-like Australian marsupial with a spotty coat
salano - Madagascan mongoose which performs acrobatics to throw eggs at stones with its hind legs
serow - mysterious and revered grey mountain goat of India which spends most of its life asleep
solenodon - long-legged, long snouted West indian mole, slow-moving and clumsy
teledu - short-tailed Indonesian badger whose foul anal secretions were used in perfume-making
uakari - Brazilian monkey with shaggy grey hair and odd, naked crimson humanoid face
yapok - cheeky long-legged, rat-like swimming marsupial of Mexico

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