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~ Saturday, December 06, 2003

Some selections from the CD '50 Favourite Chinese Children's Songs':

1 Children, Children, Spring of the Motherland
2 Labor is the Most Glorious
3 Being at the Side of the Teacher
4 Little Girl Picking Mushrooms
5 Child on the Cow's Back
6 Sitting on the Wings of the Song
7 We Want to be Good Children of Lei Feng Type
8 Happy Uncle Kuerban
9 My Little Chicken
10 How Wonderful the School Campus Is!
11 Let's Row Our Oars!
12 Little Herding Flute
13 Song of Selling Newspapers
14 Whenever I Walk past the Teacher's Window
15 Cute Blue Fairy
16 Song of Horse Herding
17 Light Rain in March

Source: (sadly currently unavailable)

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