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~ Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Some fruit and veg used as derogatory slang:

fruit - an old-time homosexual
wally - a useless person (from the Cockney for a gerkhin)
gooseberry - a third party at a potentially hot date
plum - person prone to mistakes
prune - an elderly person
turnip - an unsuccessful England football manager*
lemon - an idiot or a naive person
nut - a discotheque psycopath
grapes - Emma Freuds (ie haemorrhoids)
coconut - a black person accused of living a ‘white’ lifestyle
cabbage - a lazy so-and-so
limey - US slang for the English (from sailors who used lime juice to ward off scurvy)
fig - an inconsequential person

*When the England manager gets bad results, the newspapers traditionally print a photo of him with his head turned into a turnip or some other vegetable.

Source: by Tim Wells; some added (and some Bowdlerised) by RcL

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