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~ Sunday, December 21, 2003

A bunch of genuine titles of folk-songs and old popular tunes.

About the Bush, Willy
Andy's Gone With Cattle
Blancheflour and Jellyflorice
Blink Over the Burn, Sweet Betty
Can Ye Sew Cushions?
Cape Cod Girls They have No Combs
The Castration of the Strawberry Roan
Fanny Power
Fly Up, My Cock
Give Ear to a Frolicksome Ditty
Golden Ring Around My Susan Girl
Gonna Keep My Skillet Greasy
Hallelujah I'm a Bum
Handy Spandy Jack-a-Dandy
Have Some Madeira, M'Dear
He Went to Sleep - the Hogs Ate Him
I Catch-a da Plenty of Feesh
I Had a Wee Cock
I Wanted a Kitten to Love Me
I Will Bow and Be Simple
I'll Hae Nae Mair o' Yer Cheese
Into the Air, Junior Birdmen
The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy
Let Simon's Beard Alone
Lumps of Pudding
Making Babies By Steam
May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
Morrisey and the Russian Sailor
My Gal's a Corker
My Word, You Do Look Queer!
Never Throw a Lighted Lamp at Mother
Nine Inch Will Please a Lady
She Perished in the Snow
The Shearin's Nae for You, My Bonnie Lassie O
The Squid-Jigging Ground
The Sugar Notch Entombment
There Was a Wee Bit Mousikie
There's an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse Tonight
Violate Me (In the Violet Time)
We Loop in the Purple Twilight
What Kind o’ Pants Does the Gambler Wear?
When She Cam Ben, She Bobbed
When the Ice Worms Nest Again
A Woman Belly Full o' Hair
The Wren She Lies in Care's Bed
Zack, the Mormon Engineer

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