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~ Sunday, January 11, 2004

Many interesting slang words end in -ggy (or -ggie). More to follow:

baggy - of clothes, loose-fitting, giving its name to a style of fashion and indie / dance music prevalent around 1990 and revolving around Manchester bands such as The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays
baggie - a small bag (in North East Scotland the suffix -ie is added to lots of nouns in speech. Also common in parts of Canada. ‘Eh?’ is also used at the end of sentences in both areas, probably not by chance).
claggy - sticky, dirty, troublesome
craggy - of an elderly male face, lived-in, wrinkled but distinguished
daggy - Australian slang for nerdy; a dag is a piece of clotted, filthy wool around a sheep’s tail
draggy - of a woman’s clothes, making her look a bit like a drag queen (drag formerly meaning a gathering of homosexuals)
faggy - descriptive of the smell of cigarettes (‘There was a faggy stink in the house after the party’)
haggy - of a woman, having the tendency to prefer the company of gay men
jaggy - short-tempered, irritable
naggy - tending to find fault with or constantly bother another
raggy - tattered, untidy, especially of hair
saggy - descriptive of a woman’s breasts which have failed to defy gravity over time
eggy - of a smell, sulphurous or egglike
leggy - having long legs, especially in the tabloid cliché ‘leggy lovely’
seggy - of boots, to be soled with segs, metal tacks which prevent wear
smeggy - generally horrid or disgusting; from the Greek for soap, via a medical term (smegma) for a secretion under the foreskin
biggy - anything special or noteworthy of its type; a major event
ciggy - common British slang for a cigarette
figgy - curious or, simply, containing figs (as in ‘we all love figgy pudding’)
giggy - attending lots of popular music concerts, as in ‘I’m not as giggy as I used to be’
jiggy - US slang for well-dressed, good-looking, sexually attractive
liggy - prone to being a ‘ligger’ ie freeloading or trying to get in free or uninvited to events or parties
piggy - greedy; having slightly porcine facial features
wiggy - crazed, especially due to LSD

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