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~ Sunday, January 18, 2004

More interesting slang and conversational words end in -ggy (or -ggie).

doggy - like a dog, as in doggy style (sexual position) and doggy paddle (swimming stroke)
foggy - slow-thinking; ambiguous
groggy - here’s how a French term for ‘wide grained cloth’ (gros grain) became a word meaning exhausted or punch-drunk. The cloth was Anglicized to grogram and was worn by 18th century military men such as Admiral Vernon whose grogram cloak earned him the nickname ‘Old Grog’. It was Vernon who decided that Navy rum rations were too potent and ought to be diluted. This lesser potion was named ‘grog’ and this term later caught on for booze in general, hence groggy meaning intoxicated and its subsequent current meaning
froggy - English slang for French, from the French habit of eating frogs’ legs. ‘I see those froggy farmers are protesting again!’
moggy - a cat, especially a non-pedigree specimen
proggy - resembling ‘progressive rock’, the jazz and classical influenced musical style of the early 1970s; ‘This is Yes at their most proggy.’
snoggy - involving amorous kissing; willing to partake in athletic tonsil hockey
soggy - soaked with moisture; inane or insipid
buggy - a pushchair for infants
chuggy - common UK slang for chewing gum
druggie - a drug addict
fuggy - of the air in a room, overly warm or smoky
luggy - in Scots slang, having big ears, or prone to eavesdropping
puggy - in Scots dialect, a monkey (from pug meaning a flattened nose, as in the dog breed); also, in Scotland and Ireland, slang for any gambling machine (‘I’ve just bunged eight quid in the puggy and I’ve left a good hold.’)
spuggy (or spyuggy) - a sparrow, esp. a young one
tuggy - of the hair, knotted or matted
boogie - to dance to vigorous music; to leave a location (‘this party is total pants, let’s boogie’)
skoogy - in Scots dialect, the bulge of the female pudenda in tight clothing or swimwear, the female equivalent of the male ‘packet’
bogey - a malevolent spirit; hardened nasal mucus
dogie - US slang for an orphaned calf, sometimes extended to young or herded cattle in general
fogey - a person, usually older, who is conservative with old-fashioned beliefs or interests
hoagie - Long and large American filled bread roll, also called sub, hero, bomber, poor boy, grinder, torpedo and rocket. Originally it was hoggie, since only piggy people could eat these outsize sandwiches (slang words for sandwich in the UK include sanger, piece, butty and sarnie).
stogie - a thin, long and cheap American cigar, either originally made in the Pennsylvania town of Conestoga or named after the 'Conestoga Wagons' driven by cigar-makers
vogie - this old Scots word can mean either merry or rainy

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