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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, January 15, 2004
Hello and welcome to Vitamin Q, a cyberchest of treasure, trinkets and trash...

This is probably now the biggest trivia site on the web (erm, if you ignore quiz sites and those which reproduce 'strange but true' books)! Just to remind you: this sort-of-a-blog belongs to Roddy Lumsden, a puzzle writer and poet from Scotland now living in Bristol in England. I post trivia lists, curiosities and fragments which please me as a connoisseur of the sequential and the inconsequential.

These tend to reflect my interests which include pop, nature, words, Scotland, TV, food, folklore and literature. I post a few items most weeks, so do bookmark and return. If you forget to do this, and want to get back here, just type Vitamin Q or vitaminq into Google - you'll find me. The book version of Vitamin Q will be published by Chambers Harrap in Autumn 2004. Remember, there's a huge archive to the left too.

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