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~ Monday, June 14, 2004

Some unusual geographic names from Antarctica:

Big Brother Bluff, Black Pudding Peak, The Blob, Blow-me-down Bluff, The Boil, Bobo Ridge, Breakwind Ridge, Circumcision Port, East Groin, Heave-ho Slope, Hopalong Nunatak, Knobhead, Joke Cove, Misnomer Point, Mislaid Rock, The Mitten, Neck or Nothing Passage, The Niblets, Nipple Peak, The Nozzle, The Office Girls, Old Mans Head, The Pimple, Pipecleaner Glacier, The Pricker, Trousers Rock, Tickle Channel, Lake Porkchop, Puffball Islands, Queer Mountain, Sewing Machine Needles, Shagnasty Island, Sperm Bluff, The Waifs, Waitabit Cliffs, Well-met Cape, Whichaway Nunantaks, and Rock X

Sourec: (Thanks to Jonathan for the suggestion)

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