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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Some interesting questions answered in the World Book of Interesting Facts (World Book 1980)

What is the universe?
Does space have an end?
Are there some things in the universe that contract?
How long does a star go on shining?
Why do ancient sailors and present-day poets call the stars the ‘jewels of the sky’?
I’ve heard that stars explode. Is that true?
How hot is the inside of the earth?
What causes night and day?
So the earth is still changing isn’t it?
Does anyone know how many kinds of animals there are in the world?
I’ve heard that people can wrestle alligators. How is that possible?
A walking fish? That’s hard to believe. What kind is it?
Does an ant have muscles?
Can animals taste their food?
How does the heart do its job?
How complex is the nervous system?
What is an example of a tiny plant?
How big are the bigger sequoias?
What are some of the ways seeds are scattered?
What have farmers done about the tremendous need for food?
Computers can’t operate on their own, can they?
Does Hawaii have many volcanoes?
Is Canada an exciting land to visit?
Isn’t India pretty crowded too?
Do Australians speak English?
Where were the first libraries?
What is fascism?
When did ballet develop?
When did movies begin to tell stories?
How far can divers go underwater?

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