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~ Monday, June 28, 2004

The Northern Filipino language Ilocano is particularly brilliant on words for bad smells. Here are some of them:

angpep - smell of soiled underwear
bayoot - smell of dried urine
bunglug - smell of rancid lard
bungtot - smell of dung
anag - smell of human faeces
dangiit - smell of dried animal waste
laet - smell of putrefying meat
angtit - smell of fermenting fish
bangles - smell of spoiled vegetables
banglig - smell of rancid oil
buyok - smell of rotten flesh
daniir - smell of corpses
anglit - underarm odour
payod - general body odour
anglem - smell of burning cotton
bang-eg - smell of rotten wood
dulpet - smell of dirty clothes
pangso - smell of trousers
angsoot - smell of burnt garbage
aniit - smell of burning leather
angtem - smell of burning flesh
baniit - smell of burned food
bang-i - smell of toast
panoos - smell of smoke
sanger - strong smell of liquor
sumusum - smell of soil after rain


agabbawang - to smell like garlic
agatkaldingda: to smell like goats
agappugot - to smell like a bogeyman
agallugit - to smell like chicken shit

Source: Ilocano (Hippocrene); please excuse lack of proper accents on the words and possible minor errors on exact meaning.

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