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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Friday, July 30, 2004

Inevitably, two of VitQ’s interests, food and the letter Q, would eventually collide:

qater - a sugar syrup used in Middle-Eastern cuisine
qawwrama - a dish of spiced, preserved lamb
qorma - mutton dish flavoured with cardamoms
qouzi - Middle-Eastern stuffed lamb dish
quail’s eggs with minced fish - Chinese rissole dish (yu rong chun dan)
quandong - peach-like fruit from Australian tree of the same name
Quargel - Austrian sour-milk cheese
quarrender - a variety of apple
quasi - a rump-cut of veal
queen of puddings - jam and meringue dessert
Queen of Sheba salad - tomato and onion salad with a fiery dressing
queenie - a type of scallop
quelite - an Aztec word which is used in Mexico for various green herbs
quenelle - thin dumpling made with minced meat or fish
quesadilla - toasted tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients
queso fundido - a Mexican version of fondue
quesong puti - a Filipino cheese made of buffalo milk, salt and vinegar
quetsch - a type of plum
quiche - eggy flan which ‘real men don’t eat’
quiddany - a jelly dessert flavoured with quinces
quignon - a large slice of French bread
quillet - a buttercream-filled French sweetmeat
quince - sharp-tasting fruit
quince cheese - solidified jam sliced and served with cold meat
quinoa - rice-like grain used in South American cooking
Quin’s ketchup - bygone walnut and anchovy flavoured condiment
quintal - a kind of cabbage

I have excluded brand names eg Quorn, Quavers, Quosh…

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