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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, July 22, 2004

...a blog run by London-based poet and puzzle-writer Roddy Lumsden. It is a place where I post lists, trivia and curiosities sourced from many places or conjured by the maze-like minds of myself and my eager cohort of trivia lovers. The subject matter is Everything and More, but the lists tend to reflect my interests which include unusual language, nature, pop music and food.

The archive to the left contains the equivalent of a 500 page book - feel free to browse. Over the summer, VitQ will be undergoing a subtle but vital overhaul, as I make corrections to many lists which were spotted in the editing process of the book version. This book - Vitamin Q - a temple of trivia lists and curious words - will be published by Chambers Harrap in October 2004 and a US edition will appear a few months later. The book contains many lists and articles which have never appeared here on the blog.

Comments, corrections, additions and suggestions for articles and lists are always welcome at the email address (see above). VitQ went through a bit of an ebb in the Spring due to moving house, poor health and computer problems. We are now back up to speed (new lists should appear a few times each week) and readership is rising, but please remind your friends if you like the site and help me get back to the 1000 hits a week which I had earlier in the year.


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