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~ Monday, August 09, 2004

Newspapers are careful to avoid using trade names which have become synonymous with the products of which they are the leading brands. Here is an American list from 25 years ago of the most common ones, together with the terms which should be used:

Alka-Seltzer - antacid tablets
Baggies - plastic bags
Band-Aid - bandage
ChapStick - lip salve
Chiclets - chewing gum
Coca Cola, Coke - cola drink
Dacron - synthetic fiber
Deepfreeze - home freezer
Dictaphone - dictating machine
Dixie Cups - paper cups
Dramamine - travel sickness medicine
Fiberglas - fiber glass
Formica - laminated plastic
Frigidaire - refrigerator
Jell-O - gelatin dessert
Kleenex - tissues
Laundromat - self-service laundry
Levi's - jeans
Mace - tear gas spray
Masonite - hardboard
Mixmaster - food mixer
Novocaine - painkiller
Plexiglas - acrylic plaster
Ping-Pong - table tennis
Polaroid - camera or self-developing film
Quaaludes - tranquilizers
Q-tips - cotton swabs
Saran wrap - plastic wrap
Scotch tape - cellophane or plastic tape
Sheetrock - gypsum wallboard
Simoniz - car wax
Tabasco - pepper sauce
Technicolor - color movies
TelePrompTer - cuing device
Tommy gun - sub-machine gun
Vaseline - petroleum jelly
Windbreaker - sports jacket
Xerox - photo copier

Source: Los Angeles Times Stylebook (Meridian 1979)

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