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~ Saturday, August 07, 2004

Stories, articles etc from the contents of The Champion Annual 1926, a book for boys:


1. The Elephant Of Fortune: A Thrilling Story Of Central Africa
2. Wolf Of The Wild
3. The Fellow Who Slacked: A Rousing Yarn Of Fun, Sport And Adventure At School
4. The Law Of The Ring: An Exciting Boxing And Adventure Yarn
5. The Daring Of Dirk Frobisher: A Gripping Yarn Of Adventure In The Days Of The Pirates
6. The Burglar Alarm!
7. The Frozen Road: A Yarn Of Breathless Adventure In The Far-Flung Himalayas
8. A Race For Riches: A Magnificent Story Of Peril And Adventure In The South Seas
9. Barred From All Games: A Magnificent Story Of School Life And Sport
10. Stowaways Of The Air: A Yarn Of Thrills And Perils On Land And In The Clouds
11. True To Their King: A Powerful Story Of Intrigue And Adventure In The Days Of Charles II
12. Bluffed By Ship's Boys: A Magnificent Story Of Adventure On Land And Sea
13. The Young All Blacks: A Ripping Yarn Of Sport And Adventure "DownUnder"
14. Trapped In The Arctic: A Rattling Yarn Of The Frozen North
15. Eddie And The Magician: A Capital Complete Story Of A Boy Who Thwarted A Stage Conspiracy


1. Training For All Sports: General Rules Which May Be Followed With Advantage By Every Boy Who Is Anxious To Improve His Strength And Stamina
2. The Boy Model Maker: Two Splendid Toys Which Any Handy Hobbyist Can Make
3. Behind The Football Scenes
4. How To Look After Your Pets: Timely Tips For Livestock Breeders
5. What You Don't Know About The Cinema: Some Little-Known Facts Concerning One Of The World's Most Prosperous Industries
6. Football In The Good Old Days: An Intimate Pen Picture Of Sport In The Middle Ages
7. Soccer Simplified: The Laws Of Football Simply Explained
8. A Home Telephone: Would You Like A Telephone In Your Own Home? Of Course You Would!
9. The Romance Of The Redskin
10. Heigh Ho For Camp!
11. Learn To Box! Useful Hints Which Should Be Absorbed By Every Boy Who Is Anxious To Get On
12. Stunts For Swimmers: Some New Aquatic Performances Which Will Make Your Visits To The Baths A Source Of Added Interest To Yourself And Of Much Amusement To Your Friends
13. Facts About Fencing

(From the back cover:) Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Champion:

1. It is the premier adventure story paper for boys.
2. The stories are written by authors who have travelled all over the globe - men who have actually lived in the countries in which their stories are set.
3. The pictures are drawn specially by the finest black and white artists.
4. The stories are original, full of vigorous action, and deal with true-to-life characters - boys who are fired with the love of adventure and who have heaps of pluck.
5. The adventures related are stirring and convincing, and ring true in every detail.
6. Its motto is "Something New - Always Something New"; and it lives up to it!

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