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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Friday, August 20, 2004

This is silly and pointless, but so is human existence, so why not? Each of the following made-up ‘movie descriptions’ refers to a title which is one letter different to a real Disney animated feature eg 'Leo sprouts feathers' would be The Lion Wing. See how many you can work out. Answers are at the end of the April 2004 archive.

1 The adventures of a sabre still in the fencing shop.
2 A sad tale of the financial struggles of the former Mrs Mandela.
3 Life in Italy’s fashion capital.
4 A history of plaid cloth.
5 The high life and wild times of a bowl of Cajun soup.
6 The tangled relationship of an inflatable lounger and a riding whip.
7 A celebration of Colin Dexter’s crime-solver.
8 The come-uppance of a babe who bragged she was even better-looking.
9 A grand history of ale brewed by monks.
10 An aristocratic woman bemoans her period pain.
11 A tale of a flamingo-croquet shot gone wrong.
12 The stories from rap Producer Rick’s local area.
13 The career highs and lows of an Amazon chef.

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