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~ Thursday, September 16, 2004

Lady Diana Cooper (1892-1986) was a British actress and socialite and quite an eccentric character. One of her most noted idiosyncrasies was a tendency to try and get round traffic wardens by posting queer excuse messages when she parked illegally - some of these were:

Dear Warden - taken sad child to cinemar - please forgive.

Dear Warden - horribly old (80) and frightfully lame. Beware of the DOG.

Disabled as you see - lunching on guard - Diana Cooper, Sir Martin Charteris’s AUNT!

Dearest Warden - Front tooth broken off: look like an 81 year old pirate, so at dentist 19a. Very old, very lame. No metres (sic). Have mercy!

Source: via The Cassell Dictionary of Anecdotes (ed N Rees)

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