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~ Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some generalisms from the web:

Most men ogle women
Most men need to be taught how to choose suitable presents
Most men hate to shop
Most men fantasize about a loving, pleasant home
Most men are within a finger’s breadth of being mad
Most men suffer in silence when women ask them for their fries
Most men name their private parts
Most men get a kick out of watching fights
Most men stall, but want to wed
Most men are untouched by fashion
Most men are outrospective
Most men don’t sit around fantasizing about shoes all day
Most men are either boxers or briefs
Most men are toolbox men
Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness
Most men prefer general anaesthesia
Most men around the world are probably dogs
Most men die inch by inch playing little games

Most women went barefooted even after men started wearing sandals
Most women rode in skirts
Most women put off entertaining until the kids are grown
Most women barely have time to grab their car keys in the morning
Most women can expect widowhood
Most women want plastic surgery
Most women find it easier to hit 7 and 9 woods consistently
Most women don’t consider gaming as a career
Most women live in large urban centres
Most women love a man that can dance
Most women are natural actresses
Most women who have had an orgasm will tell you that it’s quite nice
Most women outlive most men
Most women miss out
Most women are out to look good and, hey, so am I
Most women are not expecting to be seduced while they are out shopping
Most women are turned off completely by jewellery
Most women have a special right to be bitter

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