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~ Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some selections from "Speak right for a callcentre job!" by Arjun Raina, published by Penguin India.

1) DON'T SAY: Fifty thousand bucks.
WHY NOT? No cheap Americanisms

2) DON'T SAY: Senior Manager - that sounds cool.
WHY NOT? Too casual.

3) DON'T SAY: Lucky guy, getting a raise. Wish I got one too.
WHY NOT? Too informal and chatty.

4) DON'T SAY: It's a technical requirement, ma'am.
WHY NOT? Offensive and officious.

5) DON'T SAY: Why do you hate technology? It's there to help you.
WHY NOT? Don't lecture.

6) DON'T SAY: Not to worry, ma'am. Once you send it to us in writing, you will surely get it.
WHY NOT? Too appeasing and not true.

7) DON'T SAY: For sure, ma'am, I will take only three minutes flat.
WHY NOT? And then if it takes longer? Too sure, too smart.

8) DON'T SAY: We won't get our information wrong, rest assured, Sir.
WHY NOT? Too sure.

9) DON'T SAY: No, I am not a machine. I am human.
WHY NOT? Truthful but too aggressive.

10) DON'T SAY: Mind the way you speak to me.
WHY NOT? Too intimate.

11) DON'T SAY: Sir, my supervisor is not here. You can speak to me.
WHY NOT? He is speaking to you.

12) DON'T SAY: We are very sorry about this, Sir.
WHY NOT? Service is not servility.

Thanks to Fergus for spotting these.

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