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~ Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ladyfest East is an annual women's arts and music festival held in New York City - one of several such events held worldwide. The next will be held next month, but here is an interesting list of the workshops held in 2002:

Get Crafty! ('bring your fine self, an old t-shirt, cool swatches of fabric or patches to share')
Women in Business
Trans Panel
Action Speaks Louder Than Words (a talk on direct action)
DIY Gynecology
Kicking Street Harassment Where It Counts
Studio Recording & Mixing ('let me hear some kick and snare')
Queer Parenting
Fat Warrior Freaks Storm NYC ('we'll spend a few minutes on Fat 101, then move on to plotting the revolution')
Be Rad Make a Pad (make your own reusable menstrual pad)
Punk Rock Aerobics ('an alternative to current 'gym bunny' culture' 'hey ho! let's go!')
Figuring It Out As You Go Along: the Details of Zine Publishing
How To Make Noise ('pots, pans, buckets, spoons, anything at all')
Radical Cheerleaders
Skate Jam
Body Image & Art
Basketball ('the one who gets the sweatiest wins')
Art & Activism
Written Seduction: Your Fantasies in Print
Car Maintenance

Thanks to TW (whose programme is signed by Ari Up)

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