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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Some 'Hints for Home Comfort' from a Victorian book:

- Eat slowly and you will not overeat.

- A short needle makes the most expedition in plain sewing.

- Dirty windows speak to the passerby of the negligence of the inmates.

- Between husband and wife little attentions beget much love.

- There is much more injury done by admitting visitors to invalids than is generally supposed.

- Matches, out of reach of children, should be kept in every room. They are cheap enough.

- When chamber towels get thin in the middle, cut them in two, sew the selvages together, and hem the sides.

- When you are particular in wishing to have precisely what you want from a butcher's, go and purchase it yourself.

- Feather beds should be opened every third year, the ticking well dusted, soaped, and waxed, the feathers dressed and returned.

- Be at much pains to keep your children's feet dry and warm. Don't bury their bodies in heavy flannels and wools and leave their knees and legs naked.

- Apples and pears, cut into quarters and stripped of the rind, baked with a little water and sugar, and eaten with boiled rice, are capital food for children.

- Persons very commonly complain of indigestion: how can it be wondered at, when they seem, by their habit of swallowing their food wholesale, to forget what purpose they are provided with teeth?

- No article in dress tarnishes so readily as black crape trimmings, and few things injure it more than damp; therefore, to preserve its beauty on bonnets, a lady in nice mourning should in her evening walks, at all seasons of the year, take as her companion an old parasol to shade her crape.

Source: Enquire Within Upon Everything

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