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~ Monday, October 25, 2004

Oor Wullie is the cartoon rogue known in Scotland and Northern England from his long-term weekly adventures in The Sunday Post. His strips always begin and end with Wullie sitting on an upturned bucket. Here are 20 variations from the classic "Wullie on bucket" final frame.

1 Wullie on 2 cushions, cushions on bucket (fell over ice skating)
2 Wullie on 3 cushions, cushions on bucket (fell off cuddy)
3 Wullie in kayak, kayak on bucket (stuck)
4 Wullie on bucket, bucket on armchair (new armchair not comfy)
5 Wullie next to bucket (too sair to sit down)
6 Wullie next to bucket (Pa using bucket for putting practice)
7 Wullie hovering over bucket (bucket icy cold)
8 No Wullie, no bucket (off looking for it - thrown away by Wee Eck)
9 Bucket only (Wullie hiding from PC Murdoch)
10 Bucket only (Wullie having a bath)
11 Bucket only (Wullie drying out in front of fire)
12 Bucket only (Wullie grounded)
13 Wullie on PC Murdoch's hat (Pa using bucket for seedlings)
14 Wullie on bucket, feather duster on head (Big Chief Sitting Bucket)
15 Wullie on bucket, captain's hat on head (won toy boat race)
16 Wullie on bucket, in bandages (came a cropper sliding on tackety boots)
17 Wullie on bucket, big tum (stovies for tea)
18 Wullie leaning against bucket, big tum (mince and tatties for tea)
19 PC Murdoch on bucket, dressed as Wullie (Wullie at fancy dress party, dressed as policeman) 20 Wee Jeemy on bucket, juggling cheese (Auchenshoogle juggling week)

Some notes: help ma boab (gosh, jeez), cuddy (horse), Wee Eck (Wullie's little pal), PC Murdoch (Wullie's policeman nemesis), stovies (a potato hash dish), Jeemy (pet mouse).

Source: various Oor Wullie books; thanks to Judy B for researching this one.

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