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~ Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Duck characters from TV, books and animation:

1 Count Duckula - vegetarian fusspot vampire duck from 1980s animation series
2 Daffy Duck - Warners favourite, no introduction required
3 Edd the Duck - green duck puppet which appeared with BBC TV link men Andy Crane and AndI Peters (late 1980s and early 1990s)
4 Jemima Puddle-duck - character from Beatrix Potter’s children’s classics
5 Duck - from Dog and Duck, toddler’s TV series about the household adventures of a dog-on-wheels and his blue-beaked sidekick
6 Super Duck - 1940s / 50s comic character
7 Howard the Duck - rogue anti-hero duck from Marvel Comics; later star of a flop movie version
8 Doodles - short-tempered 1950s comic duck whose nephew Lemuel always out-smarted him
9 Donald Duck - Disney favourite, his extended family featured in the Duck Tales comic series*
10 Rubber Duckie - bath time toy eulogised in song by Sesame Street’s Ernie
11 Plucky Duck - bottle-green Daffy-like mini-menace from Tiny Toons
12 The Duck - in Friends, Joey and Chandler acquire two pets, a chick and a duck; hilarity ensues
13 Dabble - a pet duck which outgrows the family home in a story for small children (other duck story book characters for children include Mucky Duck, Ping, Albert, Stickybeak, Boris, Quacker, Curious Maggie and Dribble)
14 Orville - bright green, furry ventriloquist’s duck (with Keith Harris) who was hugely popular in the UK in the 1980s, even scoring a novelty hit with 'Orville’s Song'
15 Darkwing - 1990s Disney superhero spoof; his sidekick Launchpad was originally a Duck Tales character
16 Dab Dab - bossy housekeper to Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Doolittle
17 Dirty Duck - clownish underground comic character who later became a fixture of Playboy magazine
18 Becky the Duck - minor character from US high school sitcom Saved By the Bell
19 The Duckling - character fromTom and Jerry
20 Gertrude - pet duck in Nicholson Baker’s novel A Book of Matches
21 Gertrude - also the name of the duck in Journey to the Centre of the Earth
22 'Unnamed Duck' - in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, an unnamed, and strangely unacknowledged duck sits on the head of a down-at-heel beggar known as the Duck Man
23 Dinky Duck - early animated character - a cute black duck
24 Duckman - grouchy TV-noir ducktective who scrabbles to solve crimes with his side-pig Cornfed

*Other duck characters from the Duck Tales comics include Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Quackmore Duck, Grandma Duck, Miss Quackfaster, Fethry Duck, April, May and June, Scrooge McDuck, Mrs Beakley, Hortense, Glittering Goldie, Moby Duck, Webbigail, Flintheart Glomgold, Gladstone Gander (not a goose), Matilda, Double-O Duck and Ludwig Von Drake.

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