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~ Friday, October 01, 2004

Some unusually named soccer team names from around the globe:

Adelaide Sensation (Australia)
Admira Wacker (Austria)
Avant Garde (Tunisia)
Auburn Star (Australia)
Austin Lightning (USA)
Barking Ladies (England)
Blooming (Bolivia)
Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs (Ghana)
Cascade Surge (USA)
Chimney Corner (Ireland)
Deportivo Moron (Argentina)
Eleven Men in Flight (Swaziland)
Energie Cottbus (Germany)
Germinal (Belgium)
Go Ahead Eagles (Netherlands)
Golf Leopards (Sierra Leone)
Grasshoppers (Switzerland)
Hacken (Sweden)
Heart of Midlothian (Scotland)
Hearts of Oak (Ghana)
Heracles (Netherlands)
Invincible Eleven (Liberia)
Jazz (Finland)
Joe Public (Trinidad)
Kashima Antlers (Japan)
King Faisal Babies (Ghana)
Kyoto Purple Sanga (Japan)
Lawn Tennis (Peru)
Long Island Lady Riders (USA)
Mighty Blackpool (Sierra Leone)
Mito Hollyhock (Japan)
MyPa (Finland)
Nancy Lorraine (France)
Naughty Boys (Botswana)
Odds (Norway)
Olympic Sharks (Australia)
Public Bank (Malaysia)
Queen of the South (Scotland)
Racing Club (Argentina)
Shamrock Rovers (Ireland)
Sheffield Wednesday (England)
Shooting Stars (Nigeria)
Start (Norway)
Stationery Stores (Nigeria)
Sylvia (Sweden)
Total Big Bullets (Malawi)
Total Network Solutions (Wales)
Vasco de Gama (Brazil)
Virginia Beach Mariners (USA)
Wits University (South Africa)
Woolongong Wolves (Australia)
Young Boys (Switzerland)
Zulu Royals (South Africa)

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