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~ Friday, October 08, 2004

A list of body-part songs:

Hair - The Cowsills
Skull - Sebadoh
Forehead - Mickey Finn
Brain - Chick Corea
Eyebrows - Redd Foxx
Eyes - Donna Summer
Cheeks - Bill Evans
Lips - The Beautiful South
Teeth - The Soft Machine
Tongue - REM
Neck - The Laurels
Shoulder - The Stylistics
Spine - They Might Be Giants
Elbow - Eugene Chadbourne
Belly - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Waist - Sonic Youth
Hip - The Scorpions
Hands - Jewel
Finger - Prince Buster
Fingertips - Stevie Wonder
Legs - ZZ Top
Heel - Eartha Kitt
Toes - Norah Jones
Toenails - Earl Pitts

Wrists seem to be particularly influential on songwriters. There are songs called Sturdy Wrist, Slit the Wrist, Wrist Job, Ice on My Wrist, Wristcutter’s Lullaby , Sara’s Wrist Grab, Pop Yo Wrist, Charms Around Your Wrist, Wrist Slashing Romance, Eli‘s Broken Wrist, Don‘t Forget Your Wrist, Italian Man With a Fat Wrist Band, Wrist, Meet Razor, Grandma‘s Got a Shaky Wrist and Wristful Cormorant. More of all this in VQ2.

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