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~ Thursday, November 18, 2004

The episodes of TV's The Water Margin, a 1970s epic adventure series set at the time of the Tsung dynasty in China:

1 Nine Dozen Heroes and One Wicked Man
2 None Ever Escape Alive
3 Both at Last Will Reach the Sea
4 Ever Busy are the Gods of Love
5 A Treasure of Gold and Jade
6 Bandits who Steal are Executed
7 How Easy to Die, How Hard to Live
8 A Man's Only Happiness
9 A Dutiful Son and the Love of a Brother
10 Escape is Not Freedom
11 The Girl Who Loved the Flower Priest
12 Kao Chiu Loses His Heart
13 When Liang Shan Po Robbed the Poor
14 A Death for Love, More Deaths from Greed
15 The Bravest Tiger is First Killed
16 Heaven Aims the Master's Arrow
17 The Traps of Love and Hate
18 A Foolish Sage Who Got Involved
19 Mourn the Slaughter of So Many
20 The War to End All Wars
21 Death of a Great Man
22 Lin Chung is Beaten
23 A Concubine's Dowry
24 Liang Shan Po and the Millionaire
25 Knight of the Long Sword
26 The Dynasty of Kao

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