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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Monday, November 29, 2004

Coming Soon on Vitamin Q

...dishes named after real people / misnomers / the strange word and name Fanny / the causes of mining disasters / vocoders rock! / how to eat at the Wong Kei / The Sidewinder Whats? Tonight – REM misheard / the 12 official types of hangover / my guilty pleasures (warning: may contain Daphne & Celeste and tinned hamburgers) / how Popeye speaks / Italian graphic novel chap Dylan Dog and his many dead girlfriends / synth duos / list songs / Barbara Cartland Special / places named after pigs / what stereotypes eat in ethnic restaurants / Scooby Doo – where are they now? / things I will never ever do again / their surnames are fruit / colonial Africa – who conquered what? / strange plant lore / paint shade names / times I got lost / great band LPs made after a decade together / words for cigarette / fictional dragons (as opposed to um, er) / rock'n'roll - they died young / types of pigeon / worst ever cover versions / notable winds / 'this much is true' / racecourses of the UK / animals which die in novels...

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