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~ Monday, November 01, 2004

64 types of stick (don‘t get too excited, now):

1 shaving stick (hard, foamable soap)
2 crook
3 pogo-stick
4 coup stick (American Indian weapon)
5 swagger stick (short military cane)
6 baton
7 catstick (used in the cricket-like game of tipcat)
8 chopstick
9 shooting stick (walking stick with a handle which becomes a seat)
10 caduceus (the rod of Hermes)
11 jack-straw (stick used in the picking up game of spillikins)
12 beanpole
13 gear-stick
14 crudité (vegetable stick for dipping in sauces)
15 hobby horse (children‘s pole toy with horse‘s head)
16 joy-stick
17 spurtle (porridge stick)
18 cane
19 knobkerrie (S African club)
20 poting-stick (used for arranging pleats in a ruff)
21 drumstick
22 dibber (short, thick tool used to make holes for seeds)
23 swizzlestick (cocktail stirrer)
24 dipstick (for testing oil)
25 Pooh stick (twig used in river racing game)
26 broomstick
27 crop
28 gluestick
29 potstick (stirring tool)
30 lipstick
31 ocean stick (a fishy snack)
32 candle-stick
33 shillelagh (Irish cudgel)
33 grissini (Italian bread-stick)
35 ski-stick
36 toothpick
37 night-stick (police truncheon)
38 joss-stick (incense burning stick)
39 walking-stick
40 wicket
41 matchstick
42 hockey stick
43 maulstick (used by artists and signwriters to keep a hand steady)
44 swordstick (hollow cane with space for a thin sword)
45 rod
46 tent-pole
47 lightstick (used by divers)
48 rattan (a palm cane)
49 alpenstock (long walking staff)
50 cleft stick (split stick used or carrying a letter)
51 orange-stick (small tool used by make-up artists)
52 sparkler (thin spark-spitting firework)
53 mop-stick (metal piano part)
54 lolly stick (cardboard or wooden stick in a lollipop or ice-lolly)
55 glowstick (LED-lit baton used at raves)
56 crosier (bishop‘s staff)
57 rickstick (old-fashioned tool for forming haystacks)
58 toddy-stick (for mixing hot alcoholic drinks)
59 fiddlestick (a violin bow)
60 ramrod (for clearing gun barrels)
61 Thai stick (potent marijuana buds tied round a spill)
62 poss stick (formerly used for washing large batches of bedding)
63 singlestick (rod for one-handed combat)
64 clothes-prop

Source: list by Tim Wells and Roddy

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