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~ Wednesday, November 24, 2004


What some London restaurants are serving for Thanksgiving:

1 Smollensky's – crabcakes, flame-grilled New England turkey, cinammon-rubbed pork fillet, peanut butter cheesecake
2 Canyon – roast maple-glazed turkey with sage, onion and yellow corn stuffing
3 The Ritz – clam chowder with lobster ravioli and sweetcorn foam, traditional roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, chipolatas and sweet potato fondants
4 Circus – East Coast oysters, turkey escalope with corn fritters and cranberry jelly, maple syrup and pumpkin cheesecake
5 Villandry – white fish chowder, spicy New Mexican salad with sweetcorn and chili peppers, bourbon and maple-syrup glazed corned beef, Mississippi mud pie with toasted marshmallows
6 Ashbell's – roast pumpkin soup, roast turkey, herb mash, pumpkin pie
7 Texas Embassy Cantina – spicy turkey and corn soup, turkey with jalapeno cranberry sauce, pumpkin cheesecake
8 Bodean's – smoked chicken gumbo, smoked turkey with cornbread stuffing
9 Arkansas Cafe – barbecued turkey, succotash, sweet potato, coleslaw, spiced red cabbage and stuffing
10 The Dorchester Grill – New England clam chowder, turkey with sweet potato mash, pumpkin pie with pecan ice-cream
11 Cactus Blue – roast sweetcorn bisque, redcurrant, maple-glazed turkey with sage and onion stuffing, candied pecan and pumpkin pie
12 Avenue – Boston clam chowder, Maryland crabcakes, chocolate pecan pie with butterscotch popcorn ice cream
13 T Bar – shrimp cocktail with ketchup, horseradish and vodka dressing, roast turkey, pumpkin pie
14 Noble Rot – chestnut and foie gras soup, turkey breast with candied yams, pumpkin pie with clotted cream ice-cream
15 Christopher's – Rhode Island oyster fritters with maple-cured bacon, maple-roast ham with cider gravy and corn pudding, blackberry and apple cobbler
16 Rousillon – braised truffled turkey with roasted chestnuts and stuffing, pumpkin pie with spiced ice-cream

Source: The Times The Knowledge section

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