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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, November 18, 2004

Vitamin Q is a blog run by Roddy Lumsden, a Scottish poet who lives in London. I post various lists and curious items on words and, well, stuff. Traffic has been high here recently, due to yet another very welcome recommendation from Neil Gaiman, to whom I am as ever grateful. Neil Gaiman has said kindly of the book version, "Roddy Lumsden has a dangerous genius for compiling lists of trivia for people who don't think they like trivia or lists. Wonderful stuff."

The best of Vitamin Q is now available as a 350 page book from Chambers Harrap, one of the UK's leading reference publishers. It is available from their website by clicking on the link at the top left. The site is secure and US readers should get copies (including postage) fairly quickly for less than $15. It is also available from, and will be available soon from

If you've not been here before - the archive to the left contains the equivalent of a 600 page book of nonsense, so please bookmark and come browse when you're bored. Roddy

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