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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In the 1950s (according to Russell Ash's Bizarre Books) there was an attempt to get
Americans eating farmed giant bullfrogs. A recipé book included the following:

Giant Frog Sandwich Spread
Giant Bullfrog Cream Broth
American Giant Bullfrog Cocktail
American Giant Bullfrog Pie, Country Style
Giant Bullfrogs Jellied
Giant Bullfrog Croquettes
Giant Bullfrog Meat with Dumplings
Grilled Giant Bullfrog Sandwich
Jellied Giant Bullfrog Creamed Salad
Dominant Mayonnaise Dressing for Giant Frogs
Escalloped Giant Bullfrong with Celery and Potatoes
Minced Giant Bullfrog Savory Sandwiches
Giant Bullfrog Short Cakes
Giant Bullfrog Pineapple Salad
Creamed Giant Bullfrog and Mushrooms
Stuffed Eggs with Giant Bullfrog
Baked Apples Stuffed with Giant Frog Meat

Not all frog recipés are quite as stomach-turning...

Warning! May not contain frogs:

Frog's Eye Salad (a dessert using tiny pasta balls and fruit)
Frog Lemonade
Frog in a Hole (fried bread with egg in the middle)
Frog in a Blender (pistachio and cherry pudding)
Yule Log Frog


Red Frog
Golden Frog
Frog's Butt
Vomiting Frog
Hop Frog
Fat Frog
Irish Frog
Green Bull Frog
Swamp Frog
Squashed Frog

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