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~ Tuesday, December 28, 2004


40 of the many famous people with double M initials:

1 Mel Martin (US saxophonist)
2 Mary McCarthy (US novelist)
3 Marshall Mathers (US rap star)
4 Marcel Marceau (French entertainer)
5 Marilyn Monroe (US actor)
6 Margaret Mitchell (US novelist)
7 Martine McCutcheon (UK actor)
8 Maria Muldaur (US singer)
9 Marino Marini (Italian artist)
10 Marianne Moore (US poet)
11 Michael Madsen (US actor)
12 Mick McManus (UK wrestler)
13 Maurice Maeterlinck (Belgian writer)
14 Mercedes McCambridge (US actor)
15 Mike McShane (Canadian actor / comic)
16 Melissa Manchester (US singer / actor)
17 Mary Martin (US actor / singer)
18 Magnus Magnusson (UK TV presenter)
19 Mike Myers (Canadian actor / director)
20 Manfred Mann (S African musician)
21 Matthew Modine (US actor)
22 Michael Mann (US film diirector)
23 Matt Monro (UK singer)
24 Michael Mates (UK politician)
25 Michael McKean (US actor / director)
26 Mary McCaslin (US folk singer)
27 Melinda Messenger (UK model / presenter)
28 Michael Moorer (US boxer)
29 Molly Malone (Irish fishmonger and prostitute)
30 Marcello Mastroianni (Italian actor)
31 Mark McCormack (US sports agent)
32 Michael Moore (US writer / director)
33 Mo Mowlam (UK politician)
34 Malcolm McDowell (UK actor)
35 Mickey Mantle (US baseball star)
36 Max Miller (UK comedian)
37 Michael McDonald (US singer)
38 Modest Mussorgski (Russian composer)
39 Marvin Miller (US economist)
40 Maria McKee (US singer)

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