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~ Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Some causes of ignition leading to pit disasters:

1 shot firing
2 blown-out shot
3 naked light
4 gob fire
5 contraband
6 lighted candle
7 match
8 safety lamp
9 Clanny Lamp
10 Davy lamp
11 underground smithy
12 frictional heat
13 spontaneous combustion
14 flames from furnace
15 stones falling on stones
16 fire in old workings
17 naked light igniting timber
18 friction of the picks in the cut
19 flame of open acetylene cap lamp
20 electric cap-lamp headpiece
21 sparks from cutter picks striking pyrites
22 frictional heat from a piece of falling quartzitic rock
23 shot firing in waste
24 burning fuel
25 permitted explosive

source: Durham Mining Museum; thanks to N

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